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About me

"My work is a fusion of creative ideas, vision and energy that I bring to the table..."  Samina

Welcome to my Creative world, and thank you.   Let me tell  you a bit about myself...


I am petite, with a unique aura - friends will sometimes call `me pocket rocket', with love.  I have had a varied and interesting career,, which has contributed to my range of skills and qualities I use in my photography work  During this time, my photography passion discreetly continued to develop  Finally, I am here and have the pleasure of engaging with you...  


Unlike words, images are limitless and hold no boundaries. I love the interaction, the beautiful people I meet, the creativity, and capturing magical moments, be it wedding photography, family shoot, food photography, etc... I  have  a unique and special relationship with my clients - I am friendly, adaptable, easy to work with, versatile and more.   I ensure creativity and professionalism is paramount.  I aim to tell the story....


My wedding photography style is relaxed and personable, taking candid, formal, documentary type pictures.. throughout the day.  I will blend into the background, whilst capturing priceless moments. Later, when presenting the final images, the couple will be delighted, as  I have captured moments they have been part of and those they missed.


Being a female photographer is an added bonus, as I am able to retouch on the bride's makeup, ensure her dress and veil is right, as well as supporting her through the emotional highs and lows throughout the day.  This is effortless for me, after all  that's why you hired me!!  Being a qualified makeup artist I also offer packages for bridal makeovers and photography.


I aim to create a magical experience and images that tell the story, the vision, the emotions, etc...




"When you look at those images, it will take you to that moment, that feeling, that day, that occasion... allowing you to relive them time and time again.."  


Please feel free to contact me, so we can chat further...



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SR Photography
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"Photography is a fusion of creative ideas, vision, and energy....."

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